Executive and Federal Council of NF Chemistry

In the period September 23-25, 2020 in UVC Republika of “Bulgartransgaz” EAD were held regularly present: Executive Council and Federal Council of the National Federation of Chemistry!

The following trainings were also held by:

  • Ms. Vanya Grigorova – Chief Economic Adviser Confederation of Labor Podkrepa – a mechanism for negotiating and determining the minimum wage for the country;
  • Mr. Valeri Apostolov – Confederate Secretary Confederation of Labor Podkrepa – working hours, types of working hours, night work, overtime work, total reporting of working hours, breaks, vacations, conditions for permission and use.

During the council, lawyer Miroslav Dimitrov clarified a number of important issues, which were raised both on the spot and in advance.

The guest of the council was Mr. Vasil Vassilev – Chairman of the SRS Varna.