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NF Chemistry – CL “PODKREPA”

NF Chemistry - CL
NF Chemistry – CL “PODKREPA”


National Federation “Chemistry” – CL “PODKREPA” The Federation was established on January 17, 1992, as an independent, national, voluntary trade union organization.

The association includes workers from the chemical industry: pharmacy, rubber, glass, cosmetics, natural gas, cellulose, plastics, soil conditioners, construction materials and more.


NF Chemistry – OUR GOALS

  • to assist in the formation, stabilization, and development of trade union unity, both at the sectoral and national level;
  • to guarantee respect for freedom of association;
  • to support similar professional organizations and to carry out constant cooperation with them in the spirit of unity and solidarity;
  • to take action to guarantee the right to decent work, respect for human dignity and continuous improvement of the quality of work, health and safety at work and living conditions;
  • to work to improve national social and economic legislation by adapting it to the new European realities;
  • to protect the interests of those working in the industry;
  • participation in the national bilateral and tripartite social dialogue;
  • active participation in the negotiation and collective bargaining to guarantee the fundamental rights and freedoms of workers in the industry.


NF Chemistry – OUR MISSION

We work to improve the social dialogue in the chemical sector in Bulgaria through:

  • transporting European social legislation;
  • sharing knowledge and exchanging experience with similar organizations from Member States and candidate countries;
  • development of international cooperation as a key factor in improving European and national social dialogue;
  • presentation of trade union information and consultation as a factor for creating favorable conditions for employee participation in the decision-making process in enterprises;
  • guaranteeing social security, social protection and social inclusion;
  • ensuring equal opportunities for both sexes;
  • ensuring stable employment levels and promoting youth employment for sustainable economic growth and innovation;
  • lifelong learning and conducting trade union training to improve the quality of work and life;
  • active participation in the implementation of national strategic priorities in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

NF Chemistry – OUR FUTURE

  • to be a key factor in social life in Bulgaria;
  • to be a flexible and responsible organization;
  • to present opportunities for continuous training and professional development of employees in the industry, as a means of building high expertise;
  • strengthening our participation in IndustriALL Europe and IndustriALL Global initiatives;
  • to be active participants in the life of the European and world social movement.

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